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The time is here to decide if the Government should stay or go!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

This is the time for deciding if you think our prime minister and his party have done enough to warrant re-election.

Depending on who you talk to, you will get varying opinions, but one thing for sure: he will go into our history books as being a very ambitious prime minister. I would say that he is full of ideas, but as to whether he has fulfilled his ambition or brought progress or development to this island that is satisfactory – that’s your call.

If you believe in modernization and sophisticated projects, he stands supreme as far as being a very sophisticated, futuristic visionary, but the fact is that life is not always about stone and cement, concrete and steel.

Our prime minister has several firsts, but as to whether he should be justly rewarded for his actions and how, that’s also entirely up to you.

He has had more overseas trips than any previous head of state and has borrowed more than any other prime minister. He also has the most experience as a first-term prime minister in daily being in the media – especially these days.

Changing the laws in Parliament, he is also credited for employment, especially in the IT section that could be considered good and he has also created more employment for more law enforcement and improvements for playing surfaces for football — all these doings supposed to add credit to his reign.

If there are disappointments, I suppose it surrounds the many promises that still are not accomplished, such as new markets for our bananas.

The new hotels and the reduction in VAT and the non-use of visas to go to the United States, were also 2016 campaign promises.

The improvement in our criminal climate, the fixing of the IMPACS dilemma — all that can be questioned too, so it is up to everyone, especially those who vote, to determine if he delivered and should be given more time to fulfil his dreams and aspirations, or if he didn’t and should make way like every other Prime Minister after the last three general elections.

To get elected, especially as a leader, it is clear that one has to make promises, but one has to make realistic suggestions and apply practical solutions to problem such as crime.

It is unfair for the people of the South to wait 12 years to get a completed hospital and accept the claim that the opposition is responsible for not delivering.

It is unfair to expect personal assistance in times of crisis and have the state funds spent on building roads.

Is it right or justified to let our best nurses migrate because the state cares little about them? Is it right to promise better constitutional reform and do nothing about it? All these questions need answers and the decision to keep or reject is really up to you.

So, as we will say, ‘Do the right thing!’ as most of you are not blind or hard of hearing and if you don’t condemn, then you are satisfied with our state and conditions.

I will continue to say, however, that the biggest problem we have as a people is that we are quick to criticize and complain, but very, very slow to do anything to actually change the situation.

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