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School Children Among Injured in Morning Freak Accident

Firefighters attached to the Micoud Fire Station were this morning summoned to a vehicular accident in Micoud. The vehicle, according to officials from the Fire Department, lost control and veered off the road.

As a result, multiple persons including school children were reported to have sustained minor and serious injuries.

The morning’s “mass casualty” situation severely tested first responders who worked assiduously to successfully extricate three passengers trapped within the minibus.

A heap of praise was given to a resident of the community, “we remain grateful to a community member Mr. Bruce Augustin who for the umpteenth time has come to the aid of the fire service by assisting us with his equipment in enabling a successful extrication,” Acting Leading Fireman Jn Baptiste told G.V.D TV.

“It resembled a freak accident,” one resident told our news desk. All passengers, some by private means were transported to the St Jude Hospital. At press time no loss of life was reported.

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