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Police Probe Suspected Suicide

Police are investigating a suspected suicide in a dwelling structure in Chaussee Road Castries.

First responders from the Saint Lucia Fire Service received a distress call on Thursday morning. “One male in his thirties was found unresponsive and void of all vitals in a dwelling structure.”

C.P.R was immediately initiated to the victim and continued en route to the Owen King E.U. Hospital.

Social media platforms have been rife with speculation since images depicting a male hanging from a ceiling.

Authorities have not yet released the identity of the individual.

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  1. He must have flipped; maybe not have been in his right mind for sometime. People don’t just wakeup in the morning and say, “well, can’t take it anymore, I’ll just do it and that’s it.” No, never done it, or even thought about it and no chance would I think about it, but I am me and no one else. My humble advise is, if you have a friend or lover, and you notice or have been noticing that he or she has been acting strange lately, better advise them to get some professional advise, or offer to drive them to one, do so before they hit the deep end. But paramount to all this, Pray for that one if you can, better still, take them to that ‘good church’ where they can get some counseling. There is real and wonder working power in the precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray against the Spirit of Depression. Bind and rebuke the Spirit of Death.

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