PCD & Dutch Lady Celebrate World Milk Day 2021 – 20 years and counting!

Peter & Company Distribution (PCD), the exclusive distributor of Dutch Lady Milk launched the “World Milk Month 2021” Campaign this week with a host of activities to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of World Milk Day.


As the world marks another World Milk Day with Covid-19 still a part of our lives, PCD and Dutch Lady continue to stay positive, encouraging St. Lucians to “Raise a glass to better days.” An important reminder that while times may still be uncertain, together we will get through them.

Peter & Company Distribution’s Chief Executive Officer Michele Kalloo reaffirmed: “The objective of World Milk Day and now World Milk Month”, is to highlight the importance of milk as part of a balanced daily diet; specifically for the development of children. As the fight against the pandemic continues, now more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and our families to boost our immune systems to stay healthy.”

Dutch Lady Milk products are full of “Grass to Glass Goodness”; made from fresh,100% cow’s milk produced by grass-grazing cows and do not contain any preservatives, giving a full, rich taste. They are nutrient-dense supplying energy and significant amounts of protein and micronutrients, essential to boosting the immune system. In addition to providing a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep families healthy. The full range of milk products include UHT, Evaporated, Instant Milk Powder, Condensed and specialty milks such as Tea and Coffee and Creamy, ideal for sauces, casseroles and punches.

PCD’s World Milk Month Events kicked off with the PCD/Dutch Milk Celebration Caravan rolling into the Ciceron Combined School on June 1 and the Vieux Fort Infant School on June 4. Students were treated to a nutritious, balanced breakfast which included Dutch Lady milk.

With all Covid-19 protocols observed, they participated in educational activities learning about the importance of milk in their daily diets. Afterward, they spent time in the Dutch Lady Dairy Farm Replica where they had the opportunity to be a dairy farmer and milkmaid. Each student received a goody bag full of Dutch Lady merchandise, activity books, crayons and free products.

All month long, customers can expect in-store milk specials at select supermarkets nationwide along with opportunities to win Dutch Lady prizes by participating in in-store, radio and social media campaigns.

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