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Ministry of Health Receives a Donation of 100,000 Face Masks

The Ministry of Health and several other agencies of Government have benefited from the arrival of 100,000 face masks. The donation of 100,000 face masks was made by local company Triple L Company Ltd. Chief Executive of Tripple L, Collins Lynch, says he related the strategy employed in obtaining such a large volume of the protective gear.

“It took us a little while because of the demands in the world for masks. We could only order 10,000 at a time. It took us a little longer than we anticipated, because we looked at doing this thing from early April, but because of how we were getting the masks we had to order 10,000, let them stay in Miami, then re-order because they made it abundantly clear they would not sell more than 10,000 at any one time to a company. So we did it over time, then West Indies shipping collected all the packages and then brought it here and we cleared it.”

Lynch also expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Health and Wellness for providing a waiver on customs duties for the masks. Permanent Secretary, Benson Emile, expressed explained why this donation was such a timely one.

“We’re required not just to service our medical facilities, but to service essential health institutions like the police, other ministries and agencies of Government, with the essential protective equipment in our response to COVID. So your contribution will come a very long way in that response, it will assist us tremendously in keeping our people protected, as they look to render service to the general public.”

In addition to the 100,000 masks provided to the Ministry of Health, Tripple L will also make donations to schools in Dennery and the Mabouya Valley, as well as the fire and police stations in those communities.

– Jacques Hinkson-Compton.

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