Customs and Excise Department Upgrades Its ASYCUDA World System

The Customs and Excise Department is in the process of upgrading its ASYCUDA World System. The upgrade will enhance the Department’s ability to deliver a suite of modern Customs services to the trading community and its partners.

To facilitate a seamless transition, a User Acceptance Test (UAT) server has been installed. Current ASYCUDA World users are therefore encouraged to log on to the test server to familiarize themselves with the new features of the upgrade and to gain some practice with the new version.

In the event assistance is required to access the test server or if you require any further information relating to the upgrade, please feel free to contact our Customs IT Unit at 468-4873, 468-4874, 468-4832, 468-4818 and 468-4848 or email us at:

All existing ASYCUDA World users, including customs brokers, shipping agents, consolidators and courier agents should make a special effort to get acquainted with the new version of ASYCUDA.

Manuals, XML, schema files, access to the UAT system and additional information have been made available at for users benefit.

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