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Crisis Averted: Speeding Van Narrowly Miss Labour Supporters

An individual driving an open back pickup, dressed in yellow colours and party signage was captured on camera recklessly speeding through a road sending people running for safety.

“He gassed up when he saw them and didn’t slow down or stop after he passed”, one individual told our news desk, I believe he wanted to knock them down, it looked like he was going to plough right through.”

Speeding Van

According, to reports “the deeply disturbing act” left a few Labour party supporters who were dancing on the opposite side of the road traumatized and in disbelief as the pick-up narrowly missed them.

On Sunday, scores of Labour party supporters observed “Pan Sunday” around the island. Supporters were asked to engage in the hitting of pans outside their homes as a sign of protest to the current administration.

One individual had to be cautioned after he took his protest to the front of the Prime Minister’s gate.

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