WLT Closes Successful Women’s Mental Health Series

WLT (Where Ladies Talk) celebrated women throughout the month of March, hosting a series of talks every Wednesday via Zoom under the title “Let’s Talk Like Crazy: Choose to Challenge Mental Health”. Front and centre were amazing women like Samina Cepal, Jessica St. Rose and Abisola Amina, who shared personal success stories. These were supported with valuable professional information from Francesca Plummer, Dr. Julius Gillard and Olympia Piper-Cools Vitalis. Singers Naomi Grandison and Sally Elwin, spoken word artistes Janice Hector and Lisa Dublin and calypsonian Lady Leen were engaged to entertain and to help us forget this pandemic, if only for a while.

Colleen Newman, Woman of Courage Award

The Woman of Courage Award was presented to Colleen Newman of Grow Well, who has had a significant impact by giving of herself to address a social issue. Human rights attorney Mary Francis was the first winner of this award in 2019.

Mrs. Newman was enthusiastic in her appreciation stating, “What an amazing experience. I was indeed overwhelmed by the tribute. You’re so dedicated to building the organization and making a difference in the lives of women. I applaud you both!”

Behind the scenes on the intimate setting of WhatsApp, panellists, speakers, entertainers and patrons connected, sharing profound and authentic communication that told the real story of the success of the event.

“Thank you”, was repeatedly expressed by many attendees as they listened to the moving stories of women who temporarily suffered but fought mental health struggles.

“These sessions have all been so amazing that I almost feel hand-picked and privileged to be here. These women are sharing their heart and soul with us and I am so appreciative,” cites one group member.

“These sessions have been life transformative. Thank You,” stated another emotionally.

The platform also allowed other women to open up and share their trauma and still ongoing battles in their lives. Acknowledging the impact of such deep sharing on existing mental wounds, WLT shared encouraged attendees and speakers to access free counselling via Caricope Wellness This site offers culturally competent counselling for Caribbean people with up to ten free sessions.

The takeaway from this event is simple but profound “Never underestimate the power of your story.” With the second staging of A woman Speaks by Where Ladies Talk being remarkably well received and rewarding; we look forward to next year’s impactful event.

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