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Responsible Decision Making During Easter Weekend Called For

With curfew hours for Easter Sunday and Monday starting from three in the afternoon, severely curtailing any plans for the outdoors Saint Lucians may have had, the Ministry of Health and the Saint Lucia medical and Dental Association are advising responsible decision making this weekend.

Image of Dr Sharon Belmar-George
Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Sharon Belmar-George

“Traditionally it’s a time for family activities and socialization. This year may be different for many with the protocols that have been put in place for the management of COVID-19. Despite the difficulties in the past year, let us remain focused on what is truly important: health, family and life,” the Ministry said, acknowledging and applauding the public for their cooperation during the last few months of managing the current third and intense wave of COVID-19 in country.

“We ask the public to celebrate the long weekend responsibly. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, avoid driving under the influence, drive within the speed limits and manage conflict safely especially since we note the increases in violent crime over the last few days. If accessing the beach, do so with caution and monitor young children closely. The Easter weekend is noted for drownings and near drowning events,” the Ministry stated in a release.

The Ministry reminded the public that although it recognizes the flattening of the current third wave “we still have over one hundred active cases in country.”

“We would like to alert the public, that mass crowd activities and open socialization is not recommended nor approved at this time in our management of the pandemic. We are still at high risk at this point. The Public Health Team is working to reduce the active cases to less than 50 to enable safe opening up of activities. We ask the public to work with us and continue to be patient. The premature social activity will lead to an upsurge of cases given the exponential transmission typical of this virus,” the Ministry stated.

The Ministry called on all to continue adhering to the infection prevention and control measures that are proven to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 Virus which include washing of hands often with soap and flowing water or through the use of an alcohol based hand sanitizer; wearing of mask which covers nose, mouth and chin; maintaining physical distance from others and avoiding crowded activities.

“Let us work together to ensure healthy lifestyles for Easter and beyond,” noted the Ministry.

Also calling on Saint Lucians to be responsible during the Easter weekend is the Medical and Dental Association reminding them that they are still in the midst of a Covid-19 war.

“How do we as soldiers guarantee that we win this war? We do so by ensuring that the virus does not spread. We know it spreads from person to person by droplets. To prevent transmission therefore, we need to stay at home, avoid crowds, practice good hand hygiene and the other tried and tested public health measures that can keep us safe.

“This Easter must be one with a difference. Just as Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross for us, we too must make sacrifices to protect our island and her people. Hopefully, this is the last year we have to celebrate Easter this way, but we all must do our part. There is light at the end of the tunnel,’ the Associated noted.

The Association believes that vaccination is Saint Lucians’ greatest hope of returning to some semblance of normalcy within the shortest possible time.

“The end is in sight. There is hope. We are a resilient nation. Together we can do this,” was the Association’s rallying cry.

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  1. There’s a word that caught my attention and I don’t think that it fits in the equation,
    and that is — Responsibility — the youth of today’s generation have dropped the Ball.
    It’s very sad indeed, but not only St.Lucia but universally: something’s wrong somewhere.

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