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French Police are still Searching for Kidnapped Saint Lucian

As rumours continue to swirl around certain circles and sectors, investigations into the kidnapping by hooded individuals of a Saint Lucian national who was a patient at the Martinique University Hospital on Saturday evening (April 17, 2021) continue as  according to the French island’s Public Prosecutor, “the man has still not been found and no arrests have been made.”

The man 39-year-old Saint Lucian was taken into care at the Pierre Zobda Quitman hospital in Fort-de-France, after sustaining gunshot wounds on April 11, 2021, in the Volga district in Fort-de-France.

While warded, two hooded and gloved individuals entered his hospital room on Saturday evening (April 17, 2021) and in the presence of four patients, forcefully removed him from the hospital.

Since then and according to Renaud Gaudeul, the public prosecutor, the man has not been found and no arrest has been made in this case.

Investigations are currently being carried out to find the patient who according to medical professionals is in urgent need of medical treatment as his injuries are dire.

According to French reports, “the kidnapped man had been the victim a few days earlier of an attempted homicide by firearm”. However, he was not known to be on the radar of police services.

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