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Yesterday’s Accident Calls for Greater Caution on Busy Road

Yesterday morning, Tuesday, January 12, 2021, at 7:39 am, the Fire Service Headquarters responded to a call for a motor vehicle collision along the Bexon/Castries highway, near the Marc junction.

The responding officers discovered that the collision involved two cars and a minibus and multiple patients needed assistance.  Additional resources had to be sought from the Babonneau Fire Station and some seven patients were assessed and found conscious with apparent minor injuries.

Fire Service Headquarters and Babonneau Fire Station initially transported two patients each to the OKEU Hospital where they were handed over to medical staff in a stable condition.  Three patients refused transportation and signed the release form.

Residents of the Bexon and Marc community has since called for drivers to exercise more caution when using the road especially with the reopening of school.

“This accident could have been a lot worse,” said one mother, “pedestrians, the school children could have been hit”.

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