Singer Naomie ‘Ngozi’ Grandison Taps Into Music’s Feel Good Power

Amidst overwhelming  uncertainty brought on by the COVID—19 pandemic, singer/songwriter Naomie ‘Ngozi’ Grandison is determined to provide escapism through music.

Riding high off the successful radio release of Tiwé—a soulful, Zouk inducement for her listeners to let go of their worries and dance—Grandison recently premiered the official music video for the song’s remix.

Filmed by VATO Productions amid largely pastoral vistas, the video features a gentle interplay between Grandison and uniquely talented singer/saxophonist Rashaad Joseph. The song was originally written by Grandison, mixed and mastered by Taktikal Productions, and arranged by Davon St. Juste.

“Tiwé, as the name suggests, is an appeal to remove or release the things that weigh you down,” Grandison said.

“It is especially fitting at the start of a new year and is not a call for complacency. I wanted to tap into people’s resiliency and the feel good power of music to provide some reprieve during an incredibly difficult time. I figured we could all use a break from life’s stressors. Breaks often allow for mental clarity.”

Grandison, who is also a registered nurse and Public Health educator, said she proceeded with this passion project despite the obvious logistical challenges. Music, she insisted, has mood-altering properties that can be used to stave off anxiety and depression.

Tiwé is available on all streaming platforms.

Naomie ‘Ngozi’ Grandison is a Saint Lucian singer, songwriter, musician and poet who co-founded Headphunk—an open platform for musicians, poets and visual artists to showcase their craft. In 2010-2011, she and her team of Wellness Innovators undertook an award-winning body positive school-based initiative dubbed “I Am Beautiful.” In January, 2020 she singlehandedly spearheaded Ngozi Open Stage—providing another much needed platform for the arts.

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