OECS Commission to host Youth Forum on Education

As the OECS Commission prepares to host the 6th Council of Ministers of Education Meeting, the engagement and contribution of youth has once again come to the forefront. In the lead up to the Council Meeting, the Commission will host its OECS Youth Forum on Education, slated for Thursday, January 28th from 2 pm-4 pm via Zoom.

The Forum will provide an opportunity for youth and students to discuss the plethora of issues they face in Education while recommending solutions to these issues. Matters such as Innovation in Education, School Curriculum and the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on Education are expected to be keenly discussed.

Participants will then get the opportunity to present these recommendations to the OECS Ministers of Education Meeting in February. The Youth Forum will adopt the theme of the Ministers Meeting, “Sustainable Education: Collaborative Policies and Practices for the Future”.

The Youth Forum on Education is a free event that is open to all youth and students across the OECS under the age of 30

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