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No Money, No Love; Know Jesus, Know Love

I’ve interviewed a number of persons and their cries, for the most part, are all the same: “My dear, things are hard, I have no money, Covid took everything.”

It’s heartbreaking, it’s frustrating and at times, it’s truly overwhelming. These are the cries of market vendors, small business owners and a number of others. Many of them are desperate for a breakthrough and many of them hope that the government (or anyone really) will change their situation.

Many of these individuals have heard that God can turn things around, but even then, they look defeated. Sometimes it seems as if they believe that God perhaps, just can’t answer their problems, or He, possibly, is on hiatus.

I can’t help but think of Isaiah 59:1 which says “behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, neither His ear heavy, that it cannot hear.”

On Tuesday, I went to the Castries market. I spoke to a number of vendors but I’ll never forget my conversation with one woman. She had no lunch and unfortunately her business isn’t doing well either. In fact, it seems as if it will crumble at any moment.

I wasn’t having the best day, but I had a delicious meal in my bag. I certainly don’t have everything I want, but I definitely have everything that I need and more. On my worst days, I climb into a warm bed, bathe in warm, heavenly water and eat till I’m sated. Life, is truly good on my side of the world, but unfortunately, it’s not that way for everyone.

We’re in the middle of a deep-rooted pandemic. Many individuals are searching for money and jobs that just don’t seem to exist. Because of this, many fall for get-rich-quick schemes and in the end so many of them get the burning end of the stick.

A number of persons have committed suicide and some are minutes away from taking their own lives. It’s horrible out there and Satan’s playground has never been livelier.

For many persons, this is the worst it’s ever been and for some, life, indubitably, will get worse. If there’s one time we should get off this sickening ride, it’s now, but unfortunately, this just doesn’t seem like an option.

How do you look at your child and say “we don’t have dinner tonight”? How do you enjoy your marriage when bills are piling up and there’s no money left on your account and a baby on the way? Keep in mind, there are other kids to feed in some families. How do you enjoy life when the pay is meagre or when there is none at all? How do you enjoy life when you’re facing all of these things, and the bank and utility companies just won’t stop calling the phone that you’ve come to hate so much? How do you endure it all?  How do you get through this pandemic without blowing your brains off?

The answer? Jesus. He’s the only one who truly understands what we’re going through. And He, no doubt, can make our lives better (more than we can ever imagine) but we must give our lives to Him, as hard as that might be.

Perhaps you’re wondering why He allowed all of this to happen in the first place. Unfortunately, this world has gotten so evil and God, I’m sure, is sick of it. Sadly, sometimes Peter ends up paying for Paul. Still, God is infinitely great even when we don’t understand His ways.

There are persons who don’t subscribe to any of this but I hope that one day they’ll encounter Christ and see the amazing things He can do.

Folks, hold on. This too shall pass. And if there’s something worse on the horizon, know that with God, you can get through it all. Perhaps you’re thinking of ending your life today but life just might change for you in a beautiful way tomorrow or a few months later. No matter what the situation is, there is hope. Pray to God and He will lead you in the right direction. Maybe you had to lose your job in order to get a better one. Maybe it’s time for you to show your talents to the world. Maybe it’s time for you to get creative. Maybe, just maybe, now is the right time even if it seems so, so wrong.

I’ll leave you with this scripture: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33.

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