Massy United Insurance staff…giving despite the odds

Massy United staff were adamant that the Covid-19 pandemic and personal financial challenges would not prevent them from spreading some love for the fourth year in a row during the 2020 Christmas season.

During the Christmas season, the Massy United Gift Box of Love took pride in the office hallway from as early as October 2020. Staff unashamedly begged family, friends, colleagues, and even clients for donations. By December, the box was full, thus attesting to the truth of the famous Caribbean proverb – “every mickle makes a muckle”.

Faye Millar with Layne Jean – GM of Massy United Insurance

The recipient of this year’s gift box was the same as the previous year – Layne Jean – a 23-year-old young man of Assou Canal, Grande Riviere, who suffers from Neurofibromatosis; a genetic disease causing tumours on nerve tissue, including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. The disease had left Layne with a spinal deformity that has all but completely immobilized him.

The joy on Layne’s face and the relief on that of his mother was a sight to behold. The happy recipients were gifted goods, both practical and enjoyable, such as adult diapers, rice, water, biscuits, pasta, cleansers, canned foods, marshmallows, fruit cups, and cookies.

Faye Millar & Staff Member distributing to Layne Jean – Massy United Insurance

General Manager of United Insurance Agents (Saint Lucia) agents for Massy United Insurance, locally, said the simple gesture was one that, in turn, visibly lifted the spirits of every member of staff at the agency. She expressed deep pride in the unfailing generosity of her colleagues and the conviction that this would not be the last time that a Massy United Gift Box of Love would grace their offices.

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