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Improved Response Measures to Home Quarantine

The Ministry of Health has been consistently working on ways to improve the monitoring of persons on home quarantine in an effort to reduce infection rates and keep the citizenry as safe as possible.

In the early stages of the pandemic, with the limited knowledge of the disease we embarked on a mandatory quarantine in state-run facilities. As our knowledge of the disease management improved, home quarantine was allowed along with state-run quarantine.

With the institution of home quarantine option, gaps have been identified, where a number of persons who have been granted that privilege have not been keeping with the requirements and have challenged the ministry’s resources to keep track of them.

Today, however, we announce improvements to our approach to home quarantine. Through the use of technology, we aim to improve the surveillance of persons on home quarantine.

This will be achieved through the use of two electronic monitoring devices

1. The BioIntellisense BioButton
2. The Amber wristwatch

The BioButton is a disposable, one time use body sensor about the size of a quarter, designed to be worn on the left side of the chest. It is small and unnoticeable.

1. It monitors the vitals of quarantined persons who may be high risk for developing COVID-19
2. Provides continuous temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate measurements to the user
3. In so doing it enables the early detection of potential cases

The wrist watch resembles a smart watch.

1. Through its geofencing capability it ensures that persons wearing the device remain within the confines of their home as per home quarantine protocols.

2. Also allows for the monitoring of vitals of the quarantined individual. This means that should persons develop symptoms during their quarantine period, this would be detected by the Department of Health

3. Through improved monitoring. This device will aid in the nations COVID-19 response plan by limiting the spread of the disease, as it helps to ensure that persons remain at home during their quarantine period

The BioButton will cost USD $100.00 for the 14 day period and the Wristwatch USD $75.00 for 14 days.

As the Ministry of Health seeks to continue keeping Saint Lucia, its citizens and all visitors safe we look forward to your continued support of our efforts.

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