Fond Assau Pre-school gets New Playground

Rainforest Adventures (RFA) is not only known for its unique aerial tram, ziplining, hiking trails and birdwatching eco-tour experiences, but the company also prides itself in serving and giving back significantly to the Babonneau community, where it has been operating for over 14 years.

To ring in the New Year, Rainforest Adventures in collaboration with the Parliamentary Representative for Babonneau, Honourable Ezechiel Joseph, commissioned a playground at the Fond Assau Pre-School. The official handover ceremony was held on Wednesday January 13, 2021.

Image of From L-R, Raymond, Education Minister Rigobert and District Rep. Joseph.
From L-R, Raymond, Education Minister Rigobert and District Rep. Joseph.

General Manager, Daryl Raymond remarked that “Rainforest Adventures contribution towards the children’s playground is testament to our Company’s continued commitment to the development of the Babonneau community.”

He adds that the facility will encourage outdoor physical activity and facilitate youth engagement.

“Rainforest Adventures is delighted to have partnered with the Parliamentary Representative on this project,” Raymond said.

Honourable Dr. Gale Rigobert cited the importance of play in building a child’s social skills and holistic development and applauded the efforts of this initiative.

The Parliamentary Representative encouraged community members to truly appreciate and maintain the play facility and to utilize it in a safe manner. The uplifting and development of the Babonneau community is an ongoing endeavour and Honourable Ezechiel Joseph alluded to the fact that the La Guerre Pre-School will also be receiving a playground in the near future.

The commissioning of the playground at the school was well received by all in attendance. The newly implemented playground is for use by students and the Babonneau community at large.

Rainforest Adventures  is entering its fifteenth year of operation in Saint Lucia and it has been a fascinating journey for the company, whose mission is to combine responsible, development and environmental sustainability with exciting eco-tourism adventure.

Located in the community of Chassin Babonneau, Rainforest Adventures is a multinational company with operations in Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Saint Marteen, Costa Rica and Panama. Rainforest Adventures creates unique and memorable experiences that inspire sustainable use of the environment and an appreciation of local culture while positively impacting our communities.

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