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Empowerment Through Education and Community Involvement

In eager anticipation of the election bell being rung later this year, the Castries South Parliamentary Representative Dr. Ernest Hilaire is the first candidate to launch his newly designed website,

Dr. Hilaire spends a considerable amount of time engaging constituents and listening to them. Since the pandemic began, crowed community gatherings and usual interactions with his constituents have become difficult.

This is why Dr. Hilaire’s new website is a platform for dialogue and public consultations on important about community matters, as well as a space for people to access valuable information about his plans for Castries South in particular and Saint Lucia in general.

And, most importantly, it is a direct communication channel for citizens to be in contact with Dr. Hilaire.

Key features of the new site include a survey, a volunteer program, and a donation platform, another first for St. Lucia where supporters and well-wishers can contribute to the campaign.

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