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Dr. Eugene-Ford Speaks on Recent Death at OKEU

Medical Director of Owen King EU (OKEU) Hospital and Victoria Hospital, Dr Alisha Eugene-Ford, in recently released video statement addressed the recent death of a female patient at the hospital.

According to Dr. Eugene-Ford, the patient came in and was registered at 10:49 am and was given a level 3 assessment (level 1being an emergency case and 5 is a mild issue).  Dr. Eugene-Ford confirmed that the patient was assessed multiple times before her condition took a turn for the worse. “The patient was reexamined two hours after her initial examination and another examination at 5:30 p.m…unfortunately at 6 p.m. the patient start to deteriorate very quickly.”

Dr Alisha Eugene-Ford

The medical director moved to assure the general public that despite family member complaints, cases of such a nature must be reported to her as was with this case. “It is important for us to review cases not because family members are complaining but to see what we could have done to improve care”.

Dr. Eugene-Ford also confirmed that a next of kin, the patient’s fiancé was contacted and as per procedure the next of kin decides whether to inform other family members about the information they receive.

Towards the end of the video release, Dr. Eugene-Ford, offered herself and her team to the family members of the patient if they aren’t satisfied with the explanation after they have spoken to the next of kin.

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