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Covid-19 Vaccination begins Today in Martinique

According to local reports, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines arrived on the island yesterday ready for vaccinations to begin today, Thursday, January 7.  Health professionals from the Martinique CHU will receive their first dose today and on Friday, January 8, the vaccine will be administered to the elderly, at the Emma Ventura centre.

Website confirmed that the pilot phase will run until mid-January, during which pre-vaccination consultations will be set up, as well as provisions for individuals who wished to vaccinated.

The French island reckons that the first phase of vaccination will last 6 to 8 weeks from mid-January and will see the 35 nursing homes on the island and the 3 USLDs (long-term care units) gradually receiving doses of the vaccine.

“The first phase of the vaccination campaign will focus mainly on the elderly people residing in nursing homes and USLDs, professionals working in these establishments, individuals at risk of a severe form of the disease, caregivers and firefighters over 50 years old.”

A first vaccination centre dedicated to nursing staff over 50 has already been set up at the Martinique CHU, and two other centres associating the hospital and city medicine should open in the coming days.

The island is one of the hardest hit neighbours registering over 6000 COVID-19 cases.


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