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Richard Fredrick To Supporters: “I Am Okay”

In a seven-minute clip to “alley the fears that he had been arrested”, attorney and “Can I Help You” talk show host Richard Fredrick debunked widespread rumours that he had been arrested.

A Conversation Perhaps

However, he did inform viewers via a Facebook live video that he had gotten wind of an order to have him arrested as the organizer of what was “undoubtedly an anti-Chastanet movement.” In the widely circulated video, Frederick expressed, “Sometimes we mess up, it’s through no fault of ours, but I always try my upmost to operate within the perimeters of the law.”

Fredrick affirmed that he has always complied with the police and the video of him entering a police vehicle was at the request of the deputy in an effort to control the mammoth crowd that had gathered in Castries earlier today as many people were “gravitating” to the former Castries Central MP.

Fredrick revealed that “out of an abundance of caution and of course trying my utmost to comply with the police which is what I always do, I went into his vehicle and he took me into another vehicle and I left, but I’m okay.”

Police roadblock in Cul-De-Sac

He added, “Folks, I want to tell you this, the longest rope has an end, and at some point Chastanet’s rope will come to an end, because there is nothing greater than the power of the people. The police have established a lot of roadblocks all over the place, slowing down everything… but they always say the tougher the battle, the sweeter the victory.”

Organizers had been promoting an island-wide motorcade over recent days touted as the “Chastanet Must Go Round the Island Rally. A call had been issued to “all Saint Lucians, all Labour, all UWP, and all patriots” to participate and “make history” at the undertaking which started from the Market Steps.

Meanwhile, the island remains under a State of Emergency until September 30, 2020.

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  1. As I understand it, the State is under a “State of emergency until September 30, 2020”
    If that be the case, why was it ever allowed to have a Motorcade at anytime within that
    period, whether one had permission or not? who gave, and why was permission given?
    We must not play games with this health pandemic; it does not discriminate on who to
    attack, so let’s not gamble with the blessings that we are blessed with. Motorcade with
    people inside Buses or Cars with no social distances, defeats the purpose for the state
    of emergency, and so doing makes a mockery of the Laws of the Country. It is my belief
    that who ever organized that or any such, should be arrested and Charged; period.

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