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Inducts Second Cohort of UWI STAT Ambassadors

THE University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus recently held its second virtual UWI Student Today Alumni Tomorrow (UWI STAT) induction ceremony. At this ceremony six students who are currently enrolled in Open Campus undergraduate programmes from four countries across the region were inducted as UWI STAT Ambassadors.

Dr Luz Longsworth, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal of The UWI Open Campus in her remarks to the Ambassadors stated, “as a proud Alumna of The University of the West Indies, a proud supporter of The UWI STAT programme and a proud Principal of the Open Campus, I am pleased that the Open Campus has yet another corps of UWI STAT Ambassadors who will go forth and represent the Campus and the University with distinction, while building your own brand and your own successful paths.”

Image [L-R] LaToya Creese - St Vincent and the Grenadines, Annissa Moulon – Dominica, Rhona Riley – Dominica.
[L-R] LaToya Creese – St Vincent and the Grenadines, Annissa Moulon – Dominica, Rhona Riley – Dominica.
This year’s UWI STAT Ambassadors are LaToya Creese – St Vincent and the Grenadines, Annissa Moulon and Rhona Riley – Dominica, Kion Orr and Shirlyn Simon – Trinidad and Tobago, and Tamara Patten – Cayman Islands.

The UWI STAT Ambassadors are the Vice-Chancellor’s Student Representatives on all five UWI Campuses. This programme provides students with opportunities to integrate with fellow Caribbean and international students. It encourages the development of leadership skills and provides them with varied experiences to enhance their education and develop their leadership skills through involvement in campus, community and alumni activities.

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The main objectives of The UWI STAT Ambassadors Corps are to promote UWI, foster “Pelican Pride” and loyalty to Alma Mater, encourage Caribbean integration and the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME), promote HIV/Aids prevention in the Caribbean and promote Disaster Mitigation and Climate Change Resilience.

Dr Longsworth in delivering the Vice-Chancellor’s message to the Ambassadors, stated, “you are becoming Ambassadors at a very critical time in history, not just the University’s history but in world history. You are an Ambassador for the top University in the Caribbean, the University that has been listed and ranked in the top four percent of universities internationally. Therefore, you have great responsibility to go forth to make an impact on behalf of our University and our region.”

Further, “as we survey what is happening in the world…, The UWI STAT Ambassadorial Corps has as its major tenets the representation and advocacy for integration, for climate action, and for ethical practice. Your role now as Ambassadors of The University of the West Indies, a beacon of excellence in the Caribbean and beyond, becomes even more highlighted at this time of critical importance in the history of our region. The UWI STAT Ambassadors are by nature change agents and there is so much to change in our world and in our region. We know that an integrated Caribbean is the only way that we will as small developing states survive the three c’s that the Vice-Chancellor speaks of, non-communicable diseases/chronic diseases and the climate change effects. Your portfolio is a large one and much more important than some people perhaps imagine.”

Image: [L-R] Kion Orr - Trinidad and Tobago, Shirlyn Simon - Trinidad and Tobago, Tamara Patten - Cayman Islands.
[L-R] Kion Orr – Trinidad and Tobago, Shirlyn Simon – Trinidad and Tobago, Tamara Patten – Cayman Islands.
“Your term of office as Ambassadors for the Open Campus will be particularly exciting and I look forward to the agenda that you will set and implement in the next year. As you go out into the world with this new pin on your shirts, remember that you represent an excellent heritage of people who have fought, who have overcome, who continue to fight and will continue to succeed. I wish all of you great success.”

As these Ambassadors embrace their Pelican Pride they are committed not just to the development of self, but also to contribute to the lives of others, their fellow students and alumni. They are willing advocates in support of the traditions and interest of The UWI and the building of their country and the region as a whole.

The UWI Open Campus congratulates the UWI STAT Ambassadors and wishes them success in this very important role of service and leadership and the creation of loyalty and Pelican Pride among students and alumni.

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