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Cannabis Commission presents Economic Analysis of Cannabis Industry to Cabinet

The Cannabis Commission presented to the Cabinet of Ministers on Monday morning (June 15th) on the “Economic Analysis of the Regulation of the Cannabis Industry in Saint Lucia.”

The Commission was set up in July 2019 to review and make recommendations on the laws and regulations as it relates to cannabis/marijuana.

Commision Members

At Monday’s meeting Cabinet was guided by lead Minister on the issue, Minister for Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, Honourable Bradly Felix, and the presentation began with an opening statement by Chairman of the Committee Mr. Michael Gordon QC.

The committee is made up of representatives from the Attorney General Chambers, Invest Saint Lucia, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Equity, Cannabis Movement, Leader of the Opposition, National Youth Council, St. Lucia Christian Council and the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari.

The in-depth presentation from the Committee provided background and context, arguments against and for regulatory reform, a review of the current landscape in Saint Lucia, alternative regulatory models, economic assessment, a cost benefit analysis and a Macro-economic impact assessment.

The discussion was a dynamic one between the Committee and Ministers and the Cabinet is expected to deliberate today on the proposals of the Committee.


    I do fear that this, if ever approved, will signal the opening of further requests for a more
    deadly advance into the Drug Business, not for the benefit of the generation to come or even
    for that of a Government, but to further slide into more dangerous Drug usage by the young.
    There is a bottomless pit, the cesspool of a dark underworld for criminals, gangsters, crooks
    and every degrading filth masquerading as a culture with degenerates with long filthy hair and
    beards, smoking and living a life in a constant stupor & in the deadly mix of ‘Act Amendments’
    surely will follow an Act to Amend the ‘Buggery Act’ & finally approval of Same Sex Marriage.

  2. looking back to the 70/80 tees i cant see much positive changes, it feels more like we following an indistinct path with the difference you have to watch your back more and more. Sometimes I thinking and questioning if the “progress” to have a mobile phone is a blessing or a punishment to the humanity, making people addicted, 24 hours/day, pulling the $$ out of the pockets,carry that 200g weight around wherever you go,
    It acts like a drug, you feel you cant do it without. But hopefully time will come to get out of this mental downside.

  3. I pray and hope, an eternal hope, that all will overcome this scourge but sadly the reality
    is not hopeful. Man is exactly what he is, Man; but I can tell you of a way of transformation.
    One friend who ‘Home School’ her three kids, wont allow them to own or use the Tablet
    she said it is ‘addictive’ so beside their school Curriculum, they play with toys and games.
    David a musician teaches the kids to play various instruments. The invention of the Cell
    might have begone as a safe and welcome advancement to a fast growing society – but,
    with every thing else, the innocent quickly becomes corrupted. In my world I always look
    to the past, so I see that innocent ‘Eve’ was easily corrupted, nothing has and will change.
    None can overcome the scourge, except that of a few, ‘The Transformed’ with the wisdom.
    Don’t allow yourself to be fooled or be blinded; their is an evil force loosed in the world that
    we live in. Call it by any other disguised name, it is here to ‘Steal your Joy, to kill you and to
    finally destroy’ every thing that you love – beside him – he is the enemy of your ‘Soul’. Beware.

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