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Improving Compliance to Labelling Standards

THE Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards manages consumer safety through the Compulsory Standards Compliance Programme in which compliance to the compulsory labeling standards is at the centre of import monitoring and market surveillance.

Labelling is a critical factor in determining the compliance of pre-packaged goods and foods to labelling requirements when products are being offered for sale to consumers. Labels are important for a number of reasons from their usefulness in the identification and differentiation of products to their importance as a tool for consumer information and guaranteeing traceability for the protection of health and safety.

There has been a noticeable increase in consumer complaints related to labels, making it imperative that the SLBS remind suppliers of the requirements of labelling standards.

Under the labelling standards being administered for pre-packaged foods and goods, labels are to contain, inter alia, information on nutrition, product specifications, country of origin, expiry and manufacture dates.

The SLBS has invited manufacturers and suppliers or their representatives to a meeting to discuss these requirements, as the foremost aim of international standards is to facilitate the exchange of goods and services through the elimination of technical barriers to trade.

The SLBS will meet with key stakeholders on Thursday 15th August 2019 at its Bisee Office from 10am.

SLBS would like to remind that the following are offences as per the Standards Act Cap 13.25 Section 32: “A person who sells, offers for sale or supplies to another person any goods, service, process or practice for which a compulsory standard is declared and which does not conform to that standard; labels, packages or advertises goods or services, process or practice otherwise than in compliance with a compulsory standard…” is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $10,000 and to an additional penalty of $1,000 for every day on which the offence continues or to imprisonment for 6 months.”

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