Employee Assistance Programme Celebrates Milestone

THE Department of the Public Service is pleased to announce that to date the Employee Assistance Programme has received more than one hundred written testimonials from its clients detailing the positive impact that the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) has had on their personal and/or family life.

The Department of the Public Service is excited and honoured by the feedback it has received and it wishes to thank all members of staff, the EAP support groups which includes Feng Shiu Spa, Mango Moon Total Fitness, Nikita Pilates, Eden Herbs, the Saint Lucia Civil Service Credit Union, medical practitioners, religious leaders and any other person or establishment which has provided support to the EAP.

The Employee Assistance Programme in Saint Lucia has been featured in the Caribbean Leadership Project (CLP) Magazine in a post that labels the Caribbean Leadership Project 2011-2018 as a “Bright Spot in the Caribbean”. A Bright Spot is an establishment which has been identified by the Caribbean Leadership Programme as an organization which exemplifies excellence in leadership in the creation of innovative and client-centered service.

The Employee Assistance Programme was established on the 10th March, 2016, as a work-based intervention programme designed to enhance the professional attitude of government employees and provide assistance to those persons whose professional and personal challenges are adversely affecting their quality of life and job performance.

This Programme provides six free counselling sessions to government employees and their immediate family members on career counselling, job -related issues, emotional difficulty, abuse, alcohol or chemical dependency, health challenges, dependent care, financial issues, domestic violence, marital conflict, grief, medical stress, anxiety and depression.

Counseling sessions are facilitated by highly trained professionals, who are guided by the Code of Conduct and Standards for Counsellors/Practitioners, and the Staff Orders for the Public Service of St Lucia.

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