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The Dangers of Frustration

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AS the delinquent musketeer hosting the show ‘Can I Help You’ remerges, his obsession towards the PM grows fruitlessly based on the fertilizer distributed by his brand of additives (callers) designed specifically for harbouring frustration and anger. If the host simply takes a moment to observe his mannerisms on TV, he would instantly book a room at the Wellness Center to assist him with his long-lasting depression. The host must first accept the fact that he is a spent political candidate who has disgraced the nation by losing both his diplomatic and personal visas on an international basis while a minister of government. He was completely measured and outsmarted by an individual he despises but has not taken the time to make amends with those of us who once trusted him. His legacy on both the local and international scenes is completely fractured as his travel restrictions remain in place as the US authorities continue their investigations. Remaining out of the lime light is best suited for this individual for as the old saying goes “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” and this way, he may have the opportunity of redeeming himself over an extended period.

— Ulric W. Price

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