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Statement from the St Lucia Civil Service Association

The St. Lucia Civil Service Association is calling on its members to attend the Emergency Meeting scheduled for Monday 11th March, 2019 at 09:30 a.m. as previously announced. A letter in circulation from the Ministry of the Public Service (MOPS) “denying permission” is an attempt to undermine the CSA and the effort to update the membership on the state of negotiations with the GNT. Under normal circumstances, the CSA in the spirit of partnership obtains prior permission to have such meetings, however this situation was created by the indifference shown by the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) towards the current negotiations.

The letter from MOPS is viewed by the CSA as an extension of their previous efforts to frustrate the CSA and its membership. Meanwhile the Ministry of Education has granted permission for the SLTU to have its meeting.

The Executive of the CSA therefore encourages its members employed in the various Government Ministries / Departments and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to respond to the call for the meeting and turn out in large numbers to discuss and decide on the next steps in our negotiations with the Government Negotiating Team.

Now is the time for action, to bring an end to delaying tactics of the government.

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