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Common Sense Not That Common

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PARTIES and politics appear to have infiltrated both the moral and media values of our nation. At this time there are known individuals within the local newspapers and certain television stations whose role it is to promote and vividly highlight bad news and irrelevant criticism by the opposition. One particular story which has been highlighted over and over relates to the HIA TERMINAL. The leader of the opposition continues airing his misgivings in regard to the financing aspect of the project when in fact his argument has no veracity. The SLP by Dr. Kenny Anthony’s own admission clearly indicated when he was in power that his financial house was not in order for any borrowings (television clips have been aired to validate this comment). The current administration addressed the failures of the past administration and are presently disposed to borrow based on the revenue stream provided to the lenders.

Over the years, we have witnessed the cry of many St. Lucians that foreigners owned most of our hotels and St. Lucians are forced to work for menial wages. Today, the one lucrative asset of SLASPA (HIA TERMINAL) has been managed by St. Lucians for years and to our amazement the SLP is hell bent on handing over this asset to a foreign organization for 30 years with a clause for a further extension if so required. This institution can pay for itself in 12 years and can be fully operated by St. Lucians who have done so for the past 50 years so we are at a complete loss to understand why the leader of the opposition continues poisoning the minds of St. Lucians in respect to SLASPA retaining such an important asset. It is always felt that common sense is not that common and on that score, we allow all right thinking St. Lucians to form their own opinion in regard to this decision.

— Ulric W. Price

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