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That Fated Fateful Foray

THE EDITOR: In the deafeningly silent, immediate run-up to the highly orchestrated yet anticlimactic drama, a production of the SLP, the speculation was rife: the Speaker wasn’t going to show, the Speaker had flipped; Kenny Anthony was still coaching PJ Pierre; the Labour boys were running scared; the Labour boys had typically done some sort of ‘cocomacackerie’ which the Speaker had sniffed out and was therefore ensuring that he made no mistake in dealing with it in the correct manner.

Yes, the creative juices were gushing forth. However, what we later heard was that the motion had been so badly constructed that it had to be rescued in order for it not to arrive dead in the water. It was duly given a life by the Speaker – short-lived as that turned out to be.

Well Sah, alternative historical facts conjoined with current maniacal fiction in his fulminating parliamentary diatribe into the uncomprehending and incomprehensible in obvious search of collegial acceptance and valè in the process flouting House rules and conventions in order to own that elusive pot of gold which he appears to be (unreliably) informed is destined to be his in the imminent future. But quickly, genuine enlightenment and reality emerged in the shape of hard facts and unmitigated truth from across the expectant divide, decimating the pretender to the throne in the wake of his offensive to secure that oh so elusive treasure as his rightful inheritance, and haplessly for him, making the last case worse than the first.

Meanwhile, the wifwifwifs, bofbofbofs and projec, projec, projecs – to name but a few, the others too too numerous to mention – had our various cerebella rebelling.

The verdict: Mightily Outclassed yet again! (Nahdjla Bailey)

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