Antonio Wendel Maynard’s Riding His Way to the Finish Line

Image of Antonio Wendel Maynard

SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD Antonio Wendel Maynard is passionate about roaring wheels. He was taught to ride motorcycles by his father when he was four years old, and since then, he’s quite literally become addicted to the thrill of the ride. The 2018 graduate of Entrepot Secondary School shared with The VOICE a little about what it takes to be a good rider, and the challenges he’s overcome.

Image of Antonio Wendel Maynard

Tell us more about your Motocross beginnings.

Antonio: I have been riding motorcycles from the age of four. I was taught to ride by my father Anthony Maynard. I started riding with a Honda CRF70F cc motorcycle and then moved to a Honda CR85cc motorcycle. I presently ride a 2007 Honda CR125cc motorcycle and I am considering upgrading to a 250cc motorcycle in the not too distant future. At present I am a Class B Motocross Rider with the St. Lucia Moto X Club.

How involved are you with the Moto X Club?

Antonio: I am a well-rounded rider who started with the St. Lucia Moto X Club from the year 2005 but started competing in 2006. I moved from Pee Wee (beginner level), then Class C and I am currently a Class B Rider. During that time I have acquired a variety of techniques to enhance my ability to excel in the sport.

How did you fare during last year’s Motocross season?

Antonio: In the 2018 Motocross Season I had many challenges hence I placed fourth overall in Class B.

Where has riding taken you thus far?

Antonio: I have travelled with the Club to Grenada for their Easter Extravaganza and St. Vincent and the Grenadines for their Independence celebration on many occasions.

What do you enjoy doing aside from riding?

Antonio: Apart from Motocross my extra-curricular activities are athletics and basketball. I also enjoy meeting new friends.

What can fans expect from you during this year’s Motocross season?

Antonio: In 2019 I will perform to the best of my ability in our Motocross Season commencing on March 3, 2019 at our Motocross Track at Cul de Sac from 2p.m.

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