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When God speaks, do you hear Him, St. Lucia?

By Jael Joseph

DIDN’T you know that God was a St. Lucian? Yes, the Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. He was born right here in St. Lucia, at Victoria’s Hospital, in the Maternity Ward. That’s why every disaster that comes the way of the Caribbean never comes to St. Lucia, because the Lord loves His birth country so much, that He would not dare hurt His “Love, oh love, His island home!”

When we put it like this, doesn’t it sound so utterly ridiculous? That the God of heaven and earth is just like us – a typical Lucian, a regular human being with the same biases and preferences that we ourselves have?

Would we really like it, if God was truly just like one of us? The thought of it makes me shudder – to think of the world being controlled by someone who thinks just as a mere human being does.

Sad to say, in our island home, this idea is not thought of as completely nonsensical, but rather is one that is accepted as fact. God is a St. Lucian – He is, didn’t you know? Nothing can ever happen to our island home because His love for us is so deep … deeper than the ocean floor.

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The latter part is true, He does love St. Lucia more than we could ever know – He loves every single St. Lucian. So much so, He sent His Son to die on a cross for every sin that has, and ever will be committed in St. Lucia and in every part of the world. However, God’s love is not to be taken for granted, neither are we to take God for our “pappishow,” as if we can do whatever we want with our lives and still be in right standing with Him. You may say, “What? I can’t do whatever I want and still call myself a servant of God? What are you talking about?” “Well, as for me, I’m praying, I am praying every day!” “God, God is so good. God is with me so much – He even dwells with me in my sin and answers every prayer I pray, even when it’s not in accordance with His word and His will.”

Oh St. Lucia! When will you learn that God is not your bosom buddy who you can call your own while you live your life in whatever way you want – your sinful life sends a stench into His nostrils! Oh St. Lucia, the name of God is always near on your lips – you speak about Him as if it’s with you that He lives, but dear, oh dear St. Lucia – this God that you think you know is only an idea that Satan himself has sown! Oh St. Lucia, when will you turn from your ways and see the God of the Bible, not the God of your mind? He’s not who you make Him out to be. He’s not who you want Him to be – He’s the Holy God who loves you, but hates your sin! Oh St. Lucia, Jesus is crying out – it won’t be too long before your time will run out!

Hear the Word of the Lord: “Then the Spirit of the Lord fell upon me, and He said to me, “Say, ‘Thus says the Lord, “This is what you think, house of [St. Lucia], for I know your thoughts. You have multiplied your slain in this city, and you have filled its streets with the corpses [of righteous men].” Therefore, thus says the Lord God, “Your dead whom you have laid in the midst of your city are the meat and this city is the pot; but I shall force you out of [the security of] it. You have feared the sword; so I will bring a sword upon you,” says the Lord God. “And I will bring you out of the midst of the city and hand you over to strangers and execute judgment against you. You will fall by the sword; I will judge and punish you [in front of your neighbors] at the border of [the land of] [St. Lucia]; and you will know [without any doubt] that I am the Lord. This city will not be a pot for you, nor will you be meat [safe] in it, but I will judge you at the border of [St Lucia]. And you will know [without any doubt] that I am the Lord; for you have not walked in My statutes nor have you executed My ordinances, but you have acted in accordance with the ordinances of the nations around you.”’” (Ezekiel 11:5-12 Amplified)

Oh St. Lucia! The Lord’s Sword of Judgment is come upon you! When, oh when will you hear Him when He speaks? He speaks through the troughs; He speaks through the rain; He speaks through the hurricanes; He speaks through the storms, and He speaks, and He speaks – He speaks through the earthquakes that terrify your soul. When, St. Lucia, will you hear His voice? He’s been calling and He’s been warning, but you refuse to hear. He knocks at the door – you won’t let Him in – why? Because it’s your sin that you love more than Him! Oh St. Lucia, you are mistaken – He loves you so much, but He is not a St. Lucian! You would be mistaken, if you thought, like Israel, that St. Lucia is a pot and you are the meat that is safe in the pot. No, St. Lucia, you’re not God’s prized pot of bouillon that will never be eaten – you are not the pork or the beef that’s safe in the pot. The Lord Himself will devour you with His sword – only meat that is truly His will be left in the pot.

Why don’t you give your life to Jesus, the Lover of your soul? Why don’t you stop telling Him that He is not enough? Why do you walk paths to the rum shops and to your lovers’ beds, sing songs about lasciviousness instead of songs of worship to Him?

You sing, “May our people, live united; strong in soul and strong in arm; Justice, truth and charity, our ideals forever be!” The Lord’s cry is, “Why do you sing it and not live it? You are divided by politics, greed and pride – even the smallest conflict leads to a Mother’s cry – bloodshed and backstabbing, corruption and witchcraft – you speak to the “gadè” more than you speak to Me – your works of “obeah” are an abomination to Me!”

“St. Lucia, Simply Idolatrous – you have gone after other gods. Your love for Me exists only in your mouths. St. Lucia, Simply Beautiful … but not in My eyes! Your beauty is as whitewashed graves filled with bones, just as you are when you fill the pews on your so-called days of worship. Oh St. Lucia! Religion cannot save you! You can go to church and still go to hell – you say you love Me, but you don’t know Me well. Your life must truly be surrendered into My hands. You must come to Me. Your life must be washed in the blood of My Son which was shed on the Cross for you. You must acknowledge that you have sinned, confess your sins, and walk away from them. It is only after you have taken this step, trusting Me to keep you, and you continue to walk in My ways, not your own – that you will begin to truly experience Me. St. Lucia, there must be a forsaking of your sin, a forsaking of your old life and yourself – there must be a surrendering to Me – that’s the beginning of life, and eternal security.”

“Oh St. Lucia! Stop being wise in your own eyes – it is what I say in My Word that should matter to you – not what you think you know, when you know nothing at all! I am the all-seeing God and I know you! Oh St. Lucia! Your time is running out and I am coming soon – I will judge out of love just to get you where I want you. Give Me a chance to be the true Lord of your life – serve Me with everything – and I will oblige. It’s not about earthly things, but the eternal things. Oh, how I long to help you … bless you … deliver you! If only you would hear Me, hear Me when I speak! if only you would listen, listen to Me. I am speaking, St. Lucia. I am speaking to you. Turn from your wicked ways – REPENT – and I will be Yours. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). I am speaking, St. Lucia, you don’t know Me by rote!”

God is speaking, do you hear Him St. Lucia?

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