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Political Overtures at Sir Arthur Lewis College?

THE EDITOR: Julian Monrose, over the last two years, has been notably vociferous in terms of union representation and though we have no intention of questioning his role, we wonder whether his concerns have been suddenly elevated vis-à-vis the conditions which transpired at our various learning institutions some three to four years ago.

St. Lucia is a third world country with many of us living far beyond our means, a nation which experienced zero growth up to 2016 but fortunately in the last two years there are signals from the IMF that a 3.8% growth rate appeared on the horizon.

Should Mr. Monrose not sit back and analyze from whence we were and work with the Ministry of Education in ensuring that the students at Sir Arthur Lewis College are fairly treated despite the alleged concerns highlighted?

The current administration recently contributed some three million dollars to ease the economic burden on our students who strive to better themselves, yet at the first indication of an alleged poor air quality concern, teachers have abandoned their classrooms with the full support of the Teacher’s Union.

Air quality, which has become a major issue in St. Lucia in recent times, is generally brought about by poor or inadequate housekeeping. Therefore, in the interest of all parties, couldn’t Mr. Monrose, the teachers and the students have gotten together at any given weekend and address the areas which can be cleaned in order that the poor air quality condition could be reduced?

Government does not have an unlimited source of financing to address the diverse problems over the island and having already injected some $3 million from its meager resources in tuition fees, the least that can be done is to show some good will.

I distinctly recall attending St. Mary’s College many years ago, when the Presentation Brothers wrote to all parents requesting that a group of senior students take two weeks from their summer vacation to repaint the entire school which was in the heart of the city.

We can only trust that the actions of Mr. Monrose are not political in nature based on his known affiliation as if so, his present actions will soon return to haunt him.

Most recently, we were reminded not to forget the past by continuing the koud’main (helping hand) policy. Is there any chance that such actions are still within our mindset? (Retired Teacher)

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