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Our children need leaders who are role models

THE EDITOR: On January 13, 2017, leaked pornographic material, purportedly of a Cabinet minister, went viral. It was shocking! Almost two years have passed. Alas, the populace continues to clamor with rage. Evidence of unscrupulous conduct is stuck in their hippocampus.

Immoral acts by persons in positions of power is corruption by definition. For decades, corrupt politicians have escaped prosecution, thanks to feeble anti-corruption legislation.

This scandal can be compared with no other. There are x-rated photos and unbecoming social media convos bearing the face and name of a government minister all over St. Lucia.

The ensuing public outcries cannot be labeled party political or hysterical. Someone is obliged to account.

Dear Honorable Minister, the people you serve deserve an explanation or an apology.

Be encouraged, Sir, that it is never too late, to say, “Please forgive me” or “I am sorry”.

It benefits no one to appear wrong and strong.

To be magnanimous, to accept correction, is to be a man.

Our children, St. Lucia’s future generations, need leaders who are role models — shining examples of humility, dignity and honor. (Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew, MD)

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