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Has Our MP Squandered Our Entitlements?

Image: Work is continuing apace at the DSH race trackā€¦

THE EDITOR: As a proud St. Lucian living in the south of the island for the past 30 years, life has not been great economically as I watched the job market gradually shrink, resulting in many ambitious Vieux Fortians having to tread overseas and to the north to earn a living.

This process continued unabated until we gradually accepted the reality. Shortly after the UWP assumed office in 2016, the current PM promised that change is on its way, but so often, we in the south have heard these promises which never materialized so we remained pessimistic.

Our current MP supported a group of concerned citizens to question the rationale of the unveiled DSH plans, highlighting the pit falls for nearly 16 months and we followed the criticism, but based on the information now at hand, it appears that the former PM had every intention of launching the DSH project if he was returned to office.

We are now more disturbed over the fact that our current MP has written to the courts to disrupt the project and this has really aggravated several others.

This approach is unacceptable and as a concerned citizen I need to repent for my misunderstandings and wish to disassociate myself with a group of citizens who were simply misled.

When I revisit the goodwill of the current administration, my optimism has resurfaced and I am convinced that the south will gradually ease itself out of 20 years of neglect.

My son, who is now an employee at OJO labs, remains excited, together with his other 300 employees and this has given him a fresh start in life. My cousin, who is involved in the trucking business, has been employed in the movement of earth at the DSH project for the past five months and recently his best friend — who owns a number of trailer trucks — is now involved in transporting containers from Castries to the DSH project in the south.

The plans of a home port for Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines and the construction of the new HIA terminal are the next major projects scheduled to commence at any time. This gives the citizens of the south much hope as the intentions of the present administration appear to be genuine.

I must confess, however, that the delay at the St. Jude Hospital is worrisome, but I am prepared to give the current administration a minimum of 90 days to address the hospital situation. It is my understanding that the funding for the new St. Jude wing has been approved and the Minister of Housing has indicated that within 12 months from today, that portion of the hospital will be completed.

On a parting note, St. Lucians need to be concerned over a number of lawsuits directed at government targeting various projects. Firstly, the Development Control Authority has been challenged by THE LANDINGS for the construction of a new 400 room hotel adjacent to their property, secondly the construction of a new Police Headquarters and criminal court were challenged by the National Trust through the courts and thirdly the DSH project has been challenged by the former Prime Minister through the courts. Based on the foregoing what are the synergies in those various court actions which the public needs to address and understand?

By: A Disappointed Concerned Citizen

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