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Expounding in Futility

Castries Central MP, Richard Frederick. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

THE EDITOR: Mr Richard Frederick has tried ever so often to ingratiate himself in the eyes of the public, but his efforts continue to fall on deaf ears — until his sins of the past and present are sincerely addressed.

On Thursday 1st November 2018, he could not help himself in denigrating Terrance Leonard, Marius Wilson and a particular police officer, by way of gloating at their present circumstances.

He continues to console himself that he is blessed, he is wealthy and he remains firmly planted within the St. Lucian society.

Frederick continues to reside in a false world by not accepting the reality that he remains – at least in the minds of many — a person the most powerful nation in the world has or has had interest in.

His hollow utterances and chest-beating on a weekly basis is nothing more than expounding in futility.

The three individuals he chose to chastise can travel worldwide, while he remains incarcerated in St. Lucia and needs to carefully consider which overseas territory he chooses to visit.

He highlights the effects of KARMA, but we daresay he is the best person on earth to realize the effects, based on the decision of the US authorities to withdraw both his diplomatic and personal visas.

His constant criticism of a number of personalities continues to hurt him and the blessings he claims to enjoy are nothing more than a figment of his imagination.

Blessings are bestowed on individuals who truly deserve to be blessed, but we doubt Richard would be included within that group of persons. (Lion-hearted)

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