Swimming: SLASA Name Squad For 28th OECS Swim Championship In Antigua

Image: (L-R) Sylvester James (Seajays), Fayth Jeffery (Southern Flying Fish, Cavaari Taylor (Seajays) Eden Crick (Sharks) (PHOTOS: Anthony De Beauville)

ANTIGUA and Barbuda will be the home of the 28th edition of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Swimming Championships, which will be held at the Vipers Pool Langfords in St. John’s, from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th November 2018.

The participating countries are – Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the French speaking Island of Martinique; the above teams mentioned will be looking to dethrone defending champions Grenada.

Image: (L-R) Sylvester James (Seajays), Fayth Jeffery (Southern Flying Fish, Cavaari Taylor (Seajays) Eden Crick (Sharks) (PHOTOS: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Sylvester James (Seajays), Fayth Jeffery (Southern Flying Fish, Cavaari Taylor (Seajays) Eden Crick (Sharks) (PHOTOS: Anthony De Beauville)

Like previous years, the Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association will be sending a team to compete at the championship.

According to SLASA Public Relations Officer, Sue Monplaisir, “Though a preliminary team was selected and resumed training, the final team selection was determined after the Seajays Tropical Rhythm Swimming Championship/ OECS Trials this past weekend by SLASA’s Technical Committee”.

Technical Director of SLASA David Peterkin noted, “The aim of the selection of the final team was based on swimmers’ capability of bringing in points to the team in an effort to realize a win for Saint Lucia, as careful consideration was given which resulted in the following 34 swimmers being selected.

In the 8 and Under Boys and Girls Thaeden Antoine (Sharks), Sylvester James (Seajays), Noah Dorville (Seajays), Fayth Jeffery (Southern Flying Fish)and Mila Festini Cromer (Seajays).

At the recently held Tropical Rhythm /Seajays OECS Trials – Thaeden topped the high points with (54), 2nd Sylvester James (47), 3rd Noah Dorville (43). In the Girls category, 1st Fayth Jeffery (63), 2nd Mila Festini Cromer (47).

9 – 10 Boys and Girls TherronHerelle (Seajays), Karic Charles (Lightning Aquatic), Tristan Dorville, Antoine Destang (Sharks), Jasmine Stiede (Sharks), Maya Brathwaite (Sharks) and Zoe Bernard (Sharks).

In terms of high points – 1st Antoine Destang (72), 2nd Tristan Dorville (62), 3rd Karic Charles (52), 4th TherronHerelle (52). Girls – 1st Jasmine Stiede (81), 2nd Maya Brathwaite (54), 3rd Zoe Bernard (49).

11 – 12 Boys and Girls D’Andre Blanchard (Seajays), Nathan Vigier (Seajays), Naima Hazell (Lightning Aquatic,) Nakeisha Louis (Lightning Aquatic) and CaitylnPolius (Seajays).

High points – 1st D’ Andre Blanchard (90), 2nd Nathan Vigier (68); Girls – 1st Naekeisha Louis, while Naima Hazell had to be rested due to an injury.

13 – 14 Boys and Girls Alandre Cross (Sharks), Ziv Reynolds (Sharks), Jennot Walters (Lightning Aquatic), Mikaili Charlemagne(Sharks), Shalini Joseph (Sports Academy) and Marissa Louisy (Seajays).

High points – 1st Alandre Cross (86), 2nd Ziv Reynolds (71), 3rd Jennot Walters (57); Girls – 1st MikailiCharlemange, 2nd Shalini Joseph (59), 3rd Marisa Joseph (58).

15 – 17 Boys and Girls JayhanOdlum Smith (Seajays), Cavaari Taylor (Seajays), Felix Frederick (Seajays), Eden Crick (Sharks), Mikaela Casimir (Sharks) and Abbie Pultie (Sharks)

High Points – It must be noted, JayhanOdlum – Smith was out of state representing Saint Lucia at the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina while the Tropical Rhythms/ Seajays OECS Trials was taking place. 2nd Cavaari Taylor (60), Felix Fredrick (58); Girls – 1st Mikaela Casimir (78), Eden Crick (74), Abbie Pultie (7).

18 and Over Boys and Girls Runako Daniel (Sharks), Omar Alexander (Seajays), Joshua Adjodha (Sharks), Vernessa Eugene (Sharks) and Evelyn Day (Sharks).

High points – 1st Omar Alexander (76), 2nd Runako Daniel (68 points), 3rd Joshua Adjodha (51),; Girls – 1st Evelyn Day (60), Vanessa Eugene(51).

The likes of Katie Kyle, Devin Boodha and TerrelMonplaisir are unable to compete this year due to their academic and Training Commitments overseas. The Association however welcomes the return of Runako Daniel, Evelyn Day and Joshua Adjodha who have graced the team with their commitment to make their contribution in the pool.

While in Antigua and Barbuda, the squad will be under the watchful eyes of Team Manager – Karetta Charles, Chaperone – Constance Rene. Head Coach Brian Charles who will be assisted by Andy Edward and Peter James.

Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association President, Eddie Hazell expressed his anticipation and excitement of the composition of the team and looks forward to their success and the return of the championship trophy to Saint Lucia.

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