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Students Fed on World Food Day

Image: Marchand students were fed by the local supermarket.

MASSY Stores on Tuesday joined forces with the Common Wealth Youth Peace Ambassadors (CYPAN) to celebrate World Food Day with the staff and students of the Marchand Combined School, by providing breakfast to that educational institution.

This year’s theme for World Food Day is ‘Zero Hunger’ and CYPAN chose to celebrate the day with the initiative themed “No Child Will Go Hungry”.

Image: Marchand students were fed by the local supermarket.
Marchand students were fed by the local supermarket.

Several organizations and institutions observed World Food Day here on Tuesday, with the Minister of Agriculture releasing a special address for the day, while a special World Food Day celebration took place last Sunday at Fond D’Or.

According to a Massy press release yesterday, “This was in an effort to not only highlight the idea of healthy eating, but to allow the students to sit back and to think of others, most importantly other children, who are not able to get the food that they need to grow, to excel, and to be productive.”

It said the students and teachers “enjoyed a healthy breakfast after the assembly. “

Each was challenged by Pauline Francis (breakfast coordinator of the event) to “think of small yet meaningful ways in which you could impact their various communities where hunger is concerned.”

Francis represented Massy Stores at the 2108 National Carnival Queen Pageant.

Kittel Raphael, Marketing and Corporate Communications Officer of Massy Stores, says: “We are mindful of our role as the island’s leading food retailer.

“We are happy to support initiatives such as this one and hope that through our continued engagement with farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture, other agriculture and development institutions and importantly youth organizations we can help to realize the goal of ending hunger in our communities and country.”

Meanwhile, Massy Stores also paid a special visit to another local-based entity, this time Caribbean Grains.

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