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SLP calls for removal of embargo on Cuba and opposes foreign intervention in Venezuela

SLP Political Leader Philip J Pierre on Sunday outlined his party’s foreign policy as being rooted in “progressive democratic principles, non-interference, peaceful co-existence, observance of the rule of law, mutual respect and support for measures that will ultimately benefit the people of Saint Lucia and CARICOM on a whole.”

Toward this end, he called for the removal of the trade embargo the United States has against Cuba, describing the impediment as “cruel”.

“We also support the people of Venezuela in their quest for self-determination and economic independence.

“We reject any form of intervention and in particular military aggression against Venezuela,” he said, adding that “the people of Venezuela are capable of solving their own problems and returning their country to prosperity.”

Pierre, who was addressing his party’s Annual Conference at the Laborie Boys Primary School, spoke briefly on a number of topics some of which are current hot topics in the country, the economy being one of the main topics.

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