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Questions Loom Over Proposed National Security Council

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

LAST month, Minister of National Security Senator Hermangild Francis told the media he had written to the Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre informing him about the formation of a National Security Council. (NSC)

It was an invitation to the Opposition, where two of its members would become part of the NSC in an effort to combat crime.

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis
National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

In a telephone interview with The VOICE, the Castries East MP did confirm the reception of the letter and said that he intends to write Francis back and ask for more details regarding the proposal and his Partyโ€™s involvement.

At last weekโ€™s Opposition press conference, the press asked its Leader if there were any updates on that front.

He reaffirmed his intention to write the National Security Minister, stating โ€œWe have no issues with the Minister of National Security when it comes to crime abatement or crime prevention.โ€

Pierre continued, stating that his party will never lay the blame of crime at the feet of the Government, claiming that thatโ€™s what happened when the SLP was in power.

He said, โ€œWeโ€™ve made it clear that the government is in charge of policy; what they did us when we were in government, we will never do to them. We will never blame them for crime, we will never promise to make St. Lucia secure, but weโ€™ll hold them responsible because they are the ones who are in government.โ€

However, he promised that โ€œOur party will do all it can to work with the Minister once itโ€™s a genuine effort and not an effort at showmanship or an effort at P.R.

โ€œThe Labour Party will work with the government, as I said before, we will help with the current crime (situation).โ€

Dean Nestor is from Choiseul but from young adulthood, his years were spent in Castries. He studied at St. Maryโ€™s College from 1999 to 2004 and later pursued a college education in English Literature, History and Sociology at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College from 2004 to 2006.

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