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Minister Addresses Staff in the Wake of Murder

News of the shooting death of one of their colleagues has left members of staff of the Ministry of Education in a state of shock and disbelief.

Photo: Chris Satney

It is alleged that the young mother was shot at least seven times.

Minister, Dr. Gale Rigobert addressed staff of the Ministry of Education and offered her condolences to the family of the deceased and the staff who worked closely with her.

Photo: Chris Satney

Counselling is bring provided to staff who require it, especially those of the accounts department.

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  1. This stream of deadly menace will lift its ugly head over and over again unless we strike a
    deadly blow to the heart of it, and though I fear it will not put an end, but a definite legal blow
    will send the right and only message toward the beginning of, hopefully, an end down the road.
    That answer is nothing less than the noose. There’s nothing that spells fear in the heart of one
    knowing that if he/she kills, there’s only one penalty, and that is to be hanged,unless of course
    it was due to self defense. This whole thing about non capital punishment came about by the
    British, soon after the second world war, by poor detective work, hanged a man (a 1/2 wit) by
    mistake. Christie the real killer, a police informer, was not a suspect until he went nuts after
    several murders,but someone else have already been hung, and so, case closed. The Story of
    No.10 Rillington Place,Nth.Kensington I did purposely checked out, in 1965 after reading the
    book by the late Ludovic Kennedy. We of course having been under British rule, had to abide.

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