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Kudos to SLASPA for further Upliftment of Bananes Bay

Image: SLASPA has been slapped with an ultimatum letter from the NWU for dehumanizing working conditions.

THEN EDITOR: Kudos to SLASPA and the Ministry of Infrastructure in regard to the barriers installed at Bananes Bay.

These railings will serve as a real safety measure to motorists who travel this route in the thousands on a daily basis.

We commend the Ministry of Infrastructure on the first stage of their beautification plans and look forward to a mini pavilion with a simple dock (jetty) to accommodate some of the cruise ship passengers from Pointe Seraphine to board the various buses heading to Soufriere and beyond, rather than having to traverse the city of Castries, thereby cutting down on the unnecessary traffic jams created on cruise ship days.



  1. Observer
    In your crystal ball, do you see a bus depot to elevate the massive congestion in the Castries basin for we locals??

  2. A Jetty at Bananes Bay for the purpose intended is a wonderful idea. Why didn’t they think
    of that before. I grew up not too far from Bananes, near Victoria Hospital, and as a kid with
    a sling shot I had lots of fun chasing birds (’twas the fine feathered ones then) how times have changed.

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