Fourth George Odlum Memorial Lecture on October 16

THIS year marks the 15th anniversary of the death of George Odlum, who passed on September 28, 2003 and a special event will be held here next week to commemorate the late local politician..

The late George Odlum was a man of many interests. He was a sportsman, arts and culture enthusiast, journalist, politician and diplomat.

In sports he was known as a talented goal keeper; in the arts and culture, he was an actor, director, literature and theatre reviewer; and As a journalist, he edited The Crusader newspaper and made it popular for its incisive analyses of the society and its high quality of writing.

The 4th Annual Memorial Lecture will be held on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 6.30 p.m. at the CDF Conference Room, CDF Building, Barnard Hill, Castries.

This year’s lecture will be delivered by journalist, Mr. Earl Bousquet (SLMH).

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