Cricket Development: The Changing Face of SLNCA (Part 1)

Image: (L-R) Director of Sports, Patrick Mathurin and SLNCA 1st Vice President, Shawn Alcindor. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

FOLLOWING on the heels of the National Cricket Association’s )SLNCA) second cricket symposium at the weekend, several significant questions concerning the future of cricket were answered. Some more surprising than others, as the SLNCA look to change the way it currently operates.

At a press conference held in the Department of Youth and Sports, SLNCA 1st Vice President, Shawn Alcindor and Patrick Mathurin, Director for Sports in the Department of Youth Development and Sports spoke to the VOICE as to the way forward for the sport on the island and details about what has transpired thus far.

Image: (L-R) Director of Sports, Patrick Mathurin and SLNCA 1st Vice President, Shawn Alcindor. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Director of Sports, Patrick Mathurin and SLNCA 1st Vice President, Shawn Alcindor. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

This is what Alcindor and Mathurin had to say.

Alcindor: The third edition will cover marketing and sponsorship and one simply hopes the usual crowd will turn up”.

According to Alcindor, “The first symposium was held in Vieux Fort, where the SLNCA discussed cricket development and future goals.

Alcindor: “In other areas we discussed the following topics – youth and senior cricket development, organization of the game, coaching, umpiring, scoring and medical. We also looked at the developmental plan, objectives, and time lines to accomplish these areas”.

On the Administrative aspect, The Director of Sports said, “The SLNCA is in the process of revamping the whole process and issues; from time to time you need to do a level of evaluation. The three year strategic plan has ended and we are in the process of putting together a long term strategic plan”.

Mathurin said, “We were able to look clearly at some of the issues in terms of administration, whether the SLNCA has the best structure and based on the extent of the sport not just at the local level but the global level.

“A sport like cricket cannot operate/run the way it is presently if you do not have a full time office; yes the SLNCA has a full time office, but the question is, is it properly staffed? Do we have enough personnel? Those are some of the issues that were raised in terms of how you move forward with the personnel.

“The old structure that now exists within the SLNCA where you have Youth and Sports Councils or other bodies as affiliates is the best role of management; we looked at a Board of Directors for cricket, similar to the CWI, India and English Cricket Boards are issues we looked at. Persons need not be afraid to have those type of discussions, we are global, we know what it is to host international events, we have done that on many occasions”.

It speaks volumes as to what we can do as a nation; administration is key, and as the SLNCA continues with its strategic plan, administration must top its agenda. We had an open and frank discussion, coming out of it; you will see within a year some radical changes as to how cricket is run in Saint Lucia.

“I am aware all local sporting organizations want to be number one; football you better watch out, because cricket is on its way”

On the other side of things, Alcindor said, ”It is our intention to reignite the passion of cricketers throughout Saint Lucia and the easiest way to do is to target the youth players; maintaining their interest and encouraging them to develop their cricket further by becoming umpires, coaches and scorers.

Next on the SLNCA agenda is strategic planning and according to Alcindor, they have already identified a strategic development expert in the person of Wayne Auguste who has Volunteered to lead that aspect of the symposium, where the SLNCA will work on its strategic plan and to take local cricket onto the next level.

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