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A butterfly without a resting place?

Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet & Dr. Tennyson Joseph

THE EDITOR: Once more we have witnessed the resurfacing of a discredited politician, but more interestingly, discredited by his own people from the village of Choiseul when he presented himself as a candidate in 2011.

As the years passed by, we witnessed Tennyson Joseph seeking employment at the UWI in Barbados, an organization funded with taxpayers’ dollars. That’s right, hard-working tax payers who he apparently despises, based on his leftist policies.

How long does it take for some of us to face the reality of life and society?

Joseph remains a disciple of a party which was rejected at the polls and cannot come to grips with that reality and sees the current PM as a thorn in his inflated ego.

On more than one occasion, he has followed the race card to console himself against his shortcomings, without any form of traction.

As we watched Phillip J. Pierre’s emotions on television during Tennyson Joseph’s long winded and hollow speech, what we noticed was a Pierre hoping and praying that the long-winded speech would come to an abrupt ending.

It is so sad that at such a matured stage of Tennyson’s life he remains on the similar path of a butterfly without a resting place. (The Fly Cat6cher)

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