SLFA National Referees’ Summit: Local Referees’ on the Move

THE Saint Lucia Football Association Headquarters in La Clery will be the home for the first ever interactive National Referees’ Summit, scheduled for Saturday 1st September 2018 commencing from 10.00 a.m.

A total of 50 referees/assistant referees islandwide will attend the one day NRS and by all indications they are expected to provide support for redefining of the NR programme; they are also expected to exchange best practices and guidelines to achieve an effective and efficient operation in Saint Lucia.

Saturday’s NRS will also provide the participants with the tools to assist in their personal development.

Addresses are expected from SLFA President – Lyndon Cooper and Vice President – Alvin Francis, responsible for Refereeing.

The VOICE spoke to Alvin Francis, Vice President responsible for Refereeing and this is what he had to say, “ We welcome the NRS; this strategic plan has been in the making for some time now; we have had discussion with the SLFA President, Lyndon Cooper and General Secretary, Victor Reid. We have put quite a bit together and come Saturday the participants will have an opportunity to discuss it thoroughly”.

Another area up for discussion will be the draft Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics; it’s a document that will guide the referees to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to carry out their duties to the best of their ability. Which is just one of the many guidelines that will be discussed.

Meanwhile, SLFA General Secretary, Victor Reid said, “The Summit is designed to provide an opportunity for Referees to air and discuss Referee matters, it will also allow the SLFA the opportunity to share information pertinent to Refereeing and to seek solutions to issues affecting Refereeing in Saint Lucia, and finally to begin the process of the development of a National Strategic Plan for Refereeing on the island”.

In terms of presentations, Evastaus Augustin, Assistant General Secretary will deliver on the SLFA competitions/tournament for 2018-2019.

Also down to make a presentation will be national referee coordinator, Timothy Joseph.

Mc Millan Medard, Referee Development Officer, is expected to deliver on the topic, “Where are we now”. Following which there will be a panel discussion “Riding the storm” to bring the curtains down on the morning session.

On the resumption, SLFA General Secretary, Victor Reid will start things off with a presentation, “Propelling Refereeing to Higher Heights / Moving the Referee Agenda Forward”.

Referee Committee member, Gordon Wilson, will deal with the topic “The Next Step”; while Alvin Francis will summarize things and Lyndon Cooper will close with final remarks.

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