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OF the people, for the people, by the people: the fundamental essence of democracy. So when I am told let the people in the know govern, I am bothered. When a prime Minister confesses to not listening, I am worried. When a minister who on one side of his tongue says that we cannot shove development down people’s throat, and on the other side takes a top down approach in his decision making and says when he has finalized plans with the parties of interest then he will meet with his constituents, I am flabbergasted. This is not what I voted for.

A new crop of people are needed in the leadership of this country and this should not just extend to politicians. The crop should include people who are forward thinking, people of vision, people who are not self-centered and people who value inclusion. The trademarks of dictatorship are plastered all over the top brass of leadership of this country. That we do not see them and revolt is frightening.

There are a few persons who I have some respect for in this country one of them being Mr John Peters. Mr Peters at one time proposed a People’s Manifesto. Talk about a bottom up approach to government. The world-wide-web presents just the platform for this to be brought about. It presents the opportunity for our countrymen in the diaspora to be included in contributing to the way forward for our country. We can hear all voices.

One of the reasons why people have some trepidation of the Independent Model is the misgivings that it is not practiced anywhere else in the world. Having proved this not to be true what then do they say now? Your Independent Model has a major flaw. It assumes that the full parliament of Independents will, somehow, unite on a common agenda for running a country. As I told Mr Amatus Edwards the Independent Model is not without example. There are other practices to be followed from other parts of the world. In some countries, where consensus government is practiced, the cabinet is chosen from a the elected representatives. They go into sessions for a few weeks after elections and formulate an agenda for the governing of the country. If they can do it, why can’t we?

Mr Edwards also forwarded that he advocates for an independent parliament that adopts the manifesto of one of the represented parties. I say why don’t we pursue the mandate of the People’s Manifesto.

I have also stated that the term ‘consensus government’ which has become the embodying term used to brand the independent model is a bit misleading. Consensus government does not mean that everyone must agree. All you are seeking is a simple majority.

The reality of what you are working with only comes to the fore when you sit in government, so rather than make flowery promises to win over the electorate, let us elect people of sound judgement into political office and not because they are one colour or the other.

One of the other propositions of the independent model is that all Parliamentary Representatives become the head of local government in their said districts and be given a yearly Appropriation to administer for the development of their constituency. More on that in a future article. Feedback welcome at independentlyyours@live.com.

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