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MUSIC in the Caribbean has acted as a catalyst to social transformation, political and religious uprising and integration. Essentially, we turn to music when we desire to reconnect with a supreme power, when we need to be reminded of the rigours of racial discrimination, political upheaval and modern social injustices.

Caribbean music has been associated with the exposure of social ills such as poverty, teenage pregnancy and corruption in government. Calypso, which originated from Trinidad, is the musical commentary stage of the Caribbean. Each year, calypso comes alive prior to carnival celebrations in the “nature isle” – much like what obtains in St. Lucia. When calypso takes its annual rest, we return to the comforting tunes of reggae; Bob Marley recognized as an international reggae sensation and Dominican reggae artist Nasio Fontaine. Zouk, inspired by music from the French, also has a special place in our hearts and music from the Bouyon traditional has even been embraced in times of partying. To add to this elite group of genres, we welcome the pulsating “jump and wave” rhythms of Soca. Although Soca is mostly heard in the carnival season, it is used in most social gathering dubbed as a “lime” or “break away” time. Who is your favourite Caribbean music sensation? Tell us facebook: Island Neighbours.

Neighbourly GetAways
Historians! This summer let’s go museum hopping in the Guadeloupe Archipelago. Our two week vacation plan is compressed. We are visiting Musée de Rhum, Ecomusée de Marie Galante, Musée de Schoelcher…and more. Bring along your camera and travel journal to document your hops for posterity. Get to know your neighbours!

Searching for the perfect beach to unwind and drift away from the stresses of everyday living? We’ve got it. Introducing Batibou Beach in Dominica… This untouched beauty is located in a remote part of Dominica a few minutes away from Melville Airport. Access to the beach is via 4WD and you should bring along your picnic basket as vending services are unavailable. We recommend that you visit this area in groups because of it remoteness.

Let’s Go Shopping!
Calling all shopaholics! Building a music collection takes time. Often, you must sieve through hundreds of tracks from multiple genres to find the perfect music for the prefect ambiance. You can be one step closer to fulfilling that task with a visit to Acoustic Video and Music Centre in Roseau, Dominica. Find that memorable classic track with the help of out knowledgeable staff in an easy, well – organized setting. A wide range of music genres can be found; Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Classical and Popular Music. Live a little … Shop a little!

Historical note! Did you know that Nasio Fontaine’s “Born to be free” was the biggest selling single in St. Maarteen? Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor

Un Musicien: Musician

la musique

types of music
Les genres des musique

Rock music
La musique rock

Classical music
la musique classique

Romantic music
La musique romantique

A love song
Une chanson d’amour

An old song
Une vielle chanson

Contemporary Music
La musique contemporaine

I listen to music
j’écoute la musique

La soirée dansante

Chef d’orchestre


Cachet/petit boulot

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