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The Affiliation of Synergies

By: Ulric W. Price
img: Jose Mria Liu, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of China (Taiwan), accompanied by Taiwanese Ambassador, Douglas Shen, and the officer of BPIP office and local farmers.

TOO often in the past political parties have demonstrated a facade of camaraderie while the inner workings revealed a completely different story, where one man rules and no one dares criticize.

This level of behaviour creates a negative impact, as we witnessed for several years. Today, however, we have an administration where ministers remain in tune with each other to ensure maximum cohesion.

Examples of cohesion have resonated with the Ministry of Infrastructure, where the greatest road program is under way by way of adequate financing.

The serious and meaningful support to the farmers of this country has resulted in 2,700 acres being presently under banana cultivation and 800 farmers are back on the job.

Addressing the needs of the tourism industry by way of expediting building applications and necessary concessions, the village tourism aspect, the expansion of the Airbnb industry to the small man where over 1,000 rooms are presently utilized.

The health ministry, together with the Ministry of Finance, are finalizing a reliable and affordable health care plan to secure the requirements of all St. Lucians and despite the hurdles inherited, the OK EU Hospital will be fully functional by December 2018, as various services continue to move into the facility on a regular basis.

Educational requirements are being addressed and that ministry has made strides in formulating the pressing requirements from both physical and curriculum activities.

The enhancement of the city and its environs are most noticeable and the clearance of the umpteen truck chassis and containers parked in the Bananes area and along various road ways is a blessing in disguise.

The synergies within the above-mentioned areas are responsible for the results witnessed today and for these achievements, we wish to commend this administration for their continued efforts.

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