Seajays Swim Club Celebrated Its Successes With Much Elation!

Image: A photo moment for members of the CARIFTA Team (SJSC).

SIX Seajays Club Swimmers out of a ten-member CARIFTA Swim Team namely D’Andre Blanchard, Jamarr Archibald, Jayhan Odlum-Smith, Devin Boodha, Terrel Monplaisir and Veronica Brown are home after participating in the 33rd Carifta Swimming Championship in Jamaica.

D’Andre Blanchard was the clubs’ sea lion, contributing one silver and one bronze medal to the Saint Lucia CARIFTA Swim Team.

Image: (L-R) D’Andre Blanchard (CARIFTA medalist); A photo moment for members of the CARIFTA Team (SJSC).
(L-R) D’Andre Blanchard (CARIFTA medalist); A photo moment for members of the CARIFTA Team (SJSC).

The remaining team members achieved personal best times and broke 4 out of the 7 local age group records set.

D’Andre Blanchard broke the 11-12 year-old 50-metre Long Course Freestyle, Devin Boodha the 15-17 year old 100-meter Long Course Breast stroke and Terrel Monplaisir broke the 15-17 year-old 200 Back and 200 Long Course Breast Stroke.

The 15-17 year-old boys 400 medley relay comprising of Seajays swimmers, Jamarr, Devin, Jayhan and Terrel also set an age group record.

Following the CARIFTA Swim Championship, the clubs gem swimmers (including James Sylvester, Mila Festini Cromer, Marisa Louisy, Tristan Dorville, Nathan Vigier, Keala George, Jayhan Odlum- Smith and Omar Alexander to name a few) proved they were a force to be reckoned with by winning 818 points, taking the club to 1st place at the RHAC Invitational Swim Meet this past weekend.

With a total medal count of 32 Gold, 27 Silver and 20 Bronze medals; 4 age group records broken by JayhanOdlum Smith in 800 meter Free, 50-metre and 200 metre Fly and 400 metre Individual Medley (IM), and setting 3 National records in 800-meter Short Course Freestyle, 200-metre Short Course Fly and 400-metre Short Course IM, the club celebrates its achievements and growth by producing winners.

The Seajays Swim Club extends congratulations to Naima Hazell of the Lightning Swim Club on her contribution to the Carifta Swim Team and by extension to all swimmers of the various clubs who competed at the 2018 CARIFTA Swim Championship and the RHAC Invitational Meet.

The Seajays Swim Club looks forward to enhancing talents of its swimmers and contributing winners in the sport of swimming.

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