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Potential Health and Environmental Hazard at Beausejour Worries Northern Residents

Image of the oil spill affecting the Sewerage Treatment Plant

A POTENTIAL health and environmental hazard is staring Beausejour and Gros Islet residents in the face, with no indication the related authorities are either aware or doing anything about it.

Image of the oil spill affecting the Sewerage Treatment Plant
Oil spill affecting the Sewerage Treatment Plant
Oil sludge clogged in drainage

Reports and concerns reached The VOICE over the weekend from residents and passersby who were – and still are – concerned about the implications of what looks like ‘an oil spill’ affecting the WASCO Sewerage Treatment Plant at Beausejour.

The complaining residents and citizens were unable to say exactly what happened, but many suspect that unused or waste oil might have been discharged into the plant by a person or persons unknown.

The VOICE contacted the Ministry of Health’s Environmental section yesterday afternoon, as well as WASCO, seeking information on what happened and what’s being done about it.

However, in both cases the responses were negative: a ministry source said the department was “unaware” of the problem, while the WASCO spokesperson was “attending a funeral”.

The VOICE will continue to monitor developments and update this story in our Thursday issue.

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